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Our business is drawing custom maps, so each project is unique. It’s always best to call or e-mail so we can fully understand your project, your timing, and your budget. With that in mind, here are some very general guidelines:

A simple locator map, like you might see in a Yellow Pages ad or on the back of a brochure, might cost $150-$300.

A page-sized map,
with the amount of detail usually seen at that scale, might cost $250-500.

Street-map coverage of a typical urban area might cost about $75/square mile, with a minimum of $500.

Custom maps for mounting, as on an office wall, can be produced for about $20/square foot, and another $10/square foot for foam-core or similar backing.

These production costs are in addition to our design and production fees. We have good relationships with several printers, and can also handle printing and delivery of finished pieces from extremely short runs (only 10 or 20) on up. Because the printers know us and trust us to provide high-quality digital files, they offer us extremely attractive prices that we can pass on to you.

If you have a project you’d like to discuss, please call or e-mail us.

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